Tom Brady Vows to Eliminate This Frustrating Habit

Tom Brady Vows to Eliminate This Frustrating Habit

Tom Brady has had an eventful 2022. From coming out of retirement again to getting divorced, to the FTX controversy, Brady’s 2022 was full of twists and turns.



With 2023 rolling in, Brady definitely needs to make some positive changes. He recently appeared on the Let’s Go podcast and discussed these very changes.





While on the podcast, Brady spoke about clinching a playoff spot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and what it meant to him. Furthermore, the quarterback also spoke about what his resolutions for the new year are going to be. This is where he spoke about breaking an annoying habit that seems to paint California Cool as not so cool.

A new Tom Brady in 2023

While on the podcast, the quarterback spoke about the different ways in which he feels like he can improve in 2023. While he chose to keep some of his resolutions personal, he did share some of them with the listeners.



The quarterback revealed that he hopes to stop getting sacked and intercepted while on the move. The quarterback was hard on himself as usual and mentioned that he was tired of getting stopped on offense.



Tom Brady Vows to Eliminate This Frustrating Habit



He also mentioned how he was going to stop breaking things, particularly, tablets, and said, “I’m not gonna break as many tablets.” He was in fact, referring to his angry outburst on the field back in Week 2 that had led him to take his frustration out on a tablet on the field.

The quarterback also spoke about the strengths and weaknesses he possesses on the field.

Skinny kid up against the big boys

Brady had a rare moment of underestimation as he spoke about some of his battles on the field. He mentioned his adversaries in some impeccable and big defensive ends and how he might feel like a skinny, weak kid against them.

He revealed on the podcast, how despite his disadvantages, he somehow found himself in his current position. Brady opened up about his resolutions and his absolution for his nice guy image.

Tom Brady Vows to Eliminate This Frustrating Habit

He also spoke about achieving playoffs and how that motivates him going into the playoffs. It only remains to be seen if the Bucs can make a good playoff run and if Brady can redeem his image through his resolutions.


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