Tom Brady Reveals He Despised This NFC Franchise.

Tom Brady Reveals He Despised This NFC Franchise.

The NFL legend Tom Brady was the torchbearer of the New England Patriots’ victories over the past two decades.



He was a central contributor to the franchise’s records from 2001 to 2019, where he lifted six Super Bowl rings for the side.





Brady was always a prime target for the opponents, specifically Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys, who couldn’t live with their failures. Every time they faced the GOAT, they tasted defeat at the hands of Tom Brady.

Surprisingly, the 44-year-old once joked that he despised the Cowboys since coming out of the womb. As of 2022, Tom Brady has an impeccable record of 6-0 against the Cowboys.



Back in 2019, ahead of a big game between the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, the California native who grew up in San Francisco said he disliked the Cowboys even before he could remember.



Tom Brady Reveals He Despised This NFC Franchise.



“I’ve really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb,” Brady cracked ahead of the game that season. “I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys. They’ve had a great winning organization, and a lot of great players in their history,” Brady said.

“As a Niners fan, you play the Cowboys, and every time they’d hand off to Emmitt Smith, it would be a 5-yard gain, and you’d pull your hair out”.

“Throw it up to Michael Irvin, and Troy [Aikman] was such a great player. The defense — Ken Norton and ‘Prime Time’ [Deion Sanders]”.

Tom Brady Reveals He Despised This NFC Franchise.

“So the history of great players, the tradition.” he added to his statements. In that season, quarterback Roger Staubach was leading the offensive unit for the Cowboys, and Brady called his counterpart a “cool guy and someone to really look up to.”

Timeline of Patriots’ Tom Brady slaying the Cowboys every time they met

This poor record against the NFL star always remains a bitter fact for the Cowboys fans. The slayer started his job in his third year in the league.

During the week 11 game of the 2003 season, Brady faced Jones’ team for the first time. He couldn’t play at his fullest potential, but the defense made it easier for TB12 to clinch a victory.

Brady finished 15-of-34 for 212 yards. The next encounter happened in 2007. The mid-October meet seemed to slip away from the hands of the Patriots until Brady switched his gears and made a 77-yard touchdown drive. That season, Brady won his first league MVP award.

In 2011, a mediocre Cowboys team tried to rewrite history but Brady couldn’t help himself to lead his side towards a thumping victory.

The Patriots finished the season with a 13-3 record, and Brady got named to his seventh Pro Bowl selection. The 2015 season was again a frustrating one for Jerry Jones.

Tom Brady Reveals He Despised This NFC Franchise.

The Patriots finished 30-6 against their opponents. Moreover, the Cowboys played in the absence of star wide receiver Dez Bryant, who got sidelined due to injuries. The last meetup of Tom Brady against the Cowboys happened in Foxborough when the defending Super Bowl Champions of 2019 hosted the No 1 ranked offensive unit in week 12 of the season.

The weather turned out to be a villain for both the teams. But Brady managed to come out victorious by a margin of 13-9 against the Cowboys. It seems Belichick’s 199th Overall pick of the 2000 NFL draft class has achieved a lot more for the franchise than anyone could ever imagine.


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