Tom Brady Pinpoints One and Only Positive Takeaway From 49ers Battle

Tom Brady Pinpoints One and Only Positive Takeaway From 49ers Battle

The battle against the San Francisco 49ers ended in a 28-point deficit for Tom Brady. And his team got their playoff chances dented again.



But despite the huge defeat, Brady had one positive from the trip to the west coast. His own ‘cheering section’ during the game.





Brady grew up just 25 miles from the Levi’s Stadium and the trip was a homecoming for him. He gave nearly 100 tickets to his family and friends to watch just his second game at the venue in his long NFL career.

One positive for Tom Brady

Tom Brady came up against the best defense of this NFL season in the Niners. And he had no answer to it on the field.



But during the post-game press conference after the big defeat, TB12 pointed out one big positive he had on the game. Getting his family and neighborhood out together to cheer for him.



Tom Brady Pinpoints One and Only Positive Takeaway From 49ers Battle



“You know, I love having it one year, and nice for my family to come close. And, I think, a lot of people from the neighborhood came. You know, no one said I can change the outcome of the game, unfortunately, because you got a cheering section.”

“It was sweet to have everyone come and support me and support our team. And they come back to the east coast in Tampa to support us. They came out here, which was great,” Brady said.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star lamented that he and his team couldn’t do a better job for all who came to cheer for him. But he promised to regroup and figure out how to get a win next week.

Tom Brady Pinpoints One and Only Positive Takeaway From 49ers Battle

“I mean we could have done a lot better job but frustrating day for all of us. Got to go back and regroup, figure out how to get a win,” Brady added. The defeat against Brady’s boyhood franchise derails the Buccaneers’ playoff express a little.

And the magnitude of the loss may have left a bitter taste in the mouth of everyone cheering for him.

A 28-point defeat

It’s not the defeat that would sting for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. After all, the Niners’ defense is the best in the league.

But rather, it is the magnitude of the defeat that could deflate them for the remainder of the season. The Niners played a rookie third-string QB in front of Brady and he outplayed the GOAT in every aspect of the game.

Brock Purdy, the last pick of the 2022 NFL draft, threw two touchdown passes and scored another rushing touchdown as the Niners thrashed the Buccaneers 35-7. Brady threw two interceptions and just one TD. The Buccaneers are now 6-7 overall after week 14. Next up for them is Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Can Brady and Co. bring their season back on track against a team who hasn’t lost a single game in the last six weeks?


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