Tom Brady Can Redeem Himself by Achieving This Feat Against La Rams

Tom Brady Pinpoints One and Only Positive Takeaway From 49ers Battle

People have repeatedly needed to remind the NFL GOAT Tom Brady of his incredible accomplishments. The oldest athlete to throw the ball in the 2022 season is the 45-year-old.



Although many are aware that the fifteen-time Pro Bowl quarterback is nearing the end of his career, he is also close to accomplishing the most remarkable and incredible feat in the NFL.





Tampa Tom has rewritten the book of records since starting his journey in the league. He is a superhuman who has seven Super Bowl rings to his name. Not only does he have the most Super Bowl title than any franchise or player, but is also the only player to defeat all 32 teams.

Tom Brady has accomplished everything and is now only 164 yards from the ultimate and nearly unachievable aim. He might surpass all other quarterbacks in football history by completing 100,000 yards.



The GOAT will stand out from every other player in the league because of this outstanding accomplishment. And he might already be there when the Los Angeles Rams visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Tom Brady Can Redeem Himself by Achieving This Feat Against La Rams



The mark of 100,000 yards will show how impressive and tactful of a player the NFL MVP is. It will display the endurance and excellence Brady brings to the game. With an arm of a cannon and an “ultimate competitor” in the postseason games, he could not have reached the target of 100,000 yards.

The only active players who are close to his record are Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers (63,054) and Colts’ QB Matt Ryan (64,415). Although close, it is almost impossible for them to complete the record. Because Rodgers expressed his wish to retire and the Colts benched Ryan.

Can the ultimate record save Tom Brady and his Bucs?

This season has been a bad dream for the lead QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Surrounded by an untimely divorce and then problems in his professional life, Brady needs to turn things around.

In his long twenty-year career, he lost three games consecutively. They were against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Carolina Panthers, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Tom Brady Can Redeem Himself by Achieving This Feat Against La Rams

Against the Ravens, Brady threw for 325 yards despite the loss (27-22). When the illustrious quarterback announced his retirement in March, he said he had “unfinished business.” However, he certainly would not have wanted the season to go as unfortunately as it is going for the Bucs.

Tom Brady also became the most sacked player against the Ravens. The oldest QB has been taken down 555 times. Surely, he did not want this record in his player’s profile. Now the fans can only wait to see how the game against the Ram will prosper. Will the Bucs defeat them and end their losing streak?


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