Stephen A. Smith Warns The League About Bengals

Stephen A. Smith Warns The League About Bengals

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had a warning he gave to everyone about the Cincinnati Bengals. This warning puts everyone on notice about the defending AFC champions.



Stephen A. Smith Warns The League About Bengals



With the Bengals at 4-3, they are behind the Baltimore Ravens for first place. While they fight for their division, what is it that Smith wants everyone to know about the Bengals?

Smith Is All-In On Joe Burrow And The Bengals

Smith believes in Joe Burrow more than any other AFC quarterback. In his rant, he lists the quarterbacks and Burrow as the one to beat.



He also notes how the Bengals’ loss to the Ravens was only by two points. However, it’s Burrow’s progression as a player so quickly that’s impressing him.





It only took one season with the young QB healthy to reach the Super Bowl. While Lamar Jackson still has no Super Bowl appearances, the Bengals’ QB has already been to the big game. Smith makes sure everyone knows this, along with one other important thing.

Smith Talks About Ja’Marr Chase’s Injury And Bengals Offensive Weapons

With people feeling Burrow’s success is solely on receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Smith put that to rest quickly.



He points out how Chase isn’t out for the season, meaning a Burrow to Chase connection is still happening this season.

Stephen A. Smith Warns The League About Bengals

However, he also points out the other weapons that Burrow has around him. With Burrow having Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, and others, Smith reminds everyone of the weapons in Cincinnati. While some doubt the Bengals, Smith isn’t sleeping on them, as he warns the league about the talent in Cincinnati.


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