Rumors of Internal Conflict Within Packers Keep Circulating

Rumors of Internal Conflict Within Packers Keep Circulating

Aaron Rodgers is an optimist. He believes there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Despite five crushing defeats, the champion player is unnerved.



He said Green Bay will bounce back in grand style and make the fans proud. Meanwhile, the 38 YO brushed aside concerns surrounding disunity in the Packers camp.





The senior pro said the team is sticking together as one unit. He made the admission while taking part in the Pat McAfee show. “I haven’t seen any negative clips. So, I’m assuming, that means we stick together in the post-game and nobody was kind of throwing shade on anybody else or passing the blame, which is important,” he said.

A-Rod dismisses moral wins

When the host McAfee asked whether he’d take the loss against the Bills as a moral victory, the star campaigner clearly said no, as he believed in results.



“We’re about wins and when you’re not winning games and you are slumping, I think the most important thing is just to see how we deal with the adversity,” he added.



Rumors of Internal Conflict Within Packers Keep Circulating



One of the title contenders, the Packers lost to the Bills 27-17, which was their fifth loss in the new season. However, Rodgers said the team is improving, and the results will come up quickly.

Aaron Rodgers is hopeful about the playoffs

The experienced campaigner believes a lot of teams are similarly placed in the league. A consistent run from now onwards can help the Packers to get to the next level.

However, it is easier said than done, as the team looks vulnerable in the offense. The 38 YO said they have nine more games to play in the league.

Rumors of Internal Conflict Within Packers Keep Circulating

If the Packers can win six to seven of them, they stand a chance to reach the playoffs and surprise the critics. However, Aaron Rodgers and his young men must also be wary of November football and the pressure battles. Because it is the time when big things usually happen in the NFL.


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