Rob Gronkowski Fuels Tom Brady, New England Patriots Reunion

Rob Gronkowski Fuels Tom Brady, New England Patriots Reunion

Tom Brady is edging into 2023 and will enter free agency. He is yet to become the hottest free agent on the market. But before he reaches that point, there are speculations over his prospective landing spots.



In response to speculation about Brady’s next move, Gronkowski revealed his thoughts. His statement could spread rambunctious excitement among the fans.





The former NFL TE sat down with Fox News to speak about Tom Brady’s next move. Since his free agency is around the corner, there are numerous things he could take over. Rob Gronkowski opened the door for a reunion with the Patriots over TB12. He also said a homecoming with the Niners is not out of the question.

Is a reunion around the corner?

Rob Gronkowski mentioned, “I mean, if Tom really wanted to, I’m sure that it would be all open arms to go back to New England.”



“I would just have to say all parties would need to want it. But he has the opportunity to go wherever he would love to go. It’s Tom Brady.”





“If he wanted to go back home to the San Francisco 49ers, I’m sure that would be open. If he wanted to go back home to the Patriots, I’m sure those doors would be open. If he 100% wants to stay in Tampa Bay, those doors would be wide open. It’s all on him,” He added.

There were rumors surrounding Tom Brady returning to the Patriots for the one last run. Additionally, Rick Stroud claimed the QB1 could also land with the 49ers. But it could only happen if the quarterback continues to play football.

Rob Gronkowski renders advice to Tom Brady regarding his next venture

Tom Brady has stated he will not consider retiring in the future. However, once he enters free agency, the options are endless.

He could sign with another team or become a member of the Fox Sports team. Rob Gronkowski also had some advice for his closest buddy.

During his Sports Seriously appearance, Gronk suggested Brady’s best option after the 2022–23 NFL season might be to step down from the league. The ex-NFL player would work with TB12 at Fox instead of seeing him return for another season. Gronkowski appears to be planning something to entice Brady to join him on Fox. Will it take place? It is open to scrutiny.


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