Patrick Mahomes Surprises Teammates With Presents

Patrick Mahomes Surprises Teammates With Presents

The holiday season is in full swing with people giving presents to someone for whom they are grateful in life. And who would a quarterback be more thankful for than his protectors, the offensive linemen?



To show his appreciation towards the work that they do, the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has gifted his O-line something that will make them spend more time off the field.



Patrick Mahomes Surprises Teammates With Presents



Hope that doesn’t backfire on the QB himself. The Chiefs will be in action on Christmas eve when they take on the Seattle Seahawks. And the O-line will have Christmas to go out and make use of Mahomes’ present with their friends and family.

Patrick Mahomes makes Christmas special for his O-line

Patrick Mahomes has set a standard for the modern QB in the NFL. And now he has set a standard for giving presents to colleagues during the holiday season.



The QB gifted his entire O-line custom-made golf sets. The set comes in a bag featuring the receiver’s jersey number and has some golf balls included to help get the beginners started.





Mahomes himself is pretty fond of the game. He began playing golf as a child with his father Patrick Mahomes Sr. In a 2021 interview with, Mahomes said that the game of golf has become a big part of everything he plans. “Golf has become a huge part of everything.

When I plan trips, when I set up my off-season, I have to figure out places to play when I’m there,” Mahomes said.
The QB may be a good coach for his teammates when they take up the game. But right now, they will be focused on ending a great season with the ultimate prize.

The quest for the Super Bowl

The Chiefs are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. The franchise has already clinched the AFC West title for the seventh year on the bounce.

Patrick Mahomes Surprises Teammates With Presents

And according to Patrick Mahomes, this is just the first part of the Chiefs’ plan this season. “We go in every season, and we say we wanna win the AFC West, we wanna get the home field in the playoffs and we wanna win the Super Bowl,” Mahomes had said after the team’s Week 14 win over the Denver Broncos.


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