Patrick Mahomes Reveals Two Tricks To Ace The Playoff Battle

Patrick Mahomes Reveals Two Tricks To Ace The Playoff Battle

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are sitting on cloud nine right now. The Chiefs worked hard the whole season and how they’re reaping the rewards.



The team was able to secure the first seed of the AFC and the benefits that come along with it. The QB and his team now get to rest for a week as the other team will battle it out in the first round of the postseason battle.





However, Mahomes is maintaining a champion mentality. During this additional bye week, Mahomes already has something planned for himself that is going to help him during the playoffs. In a conference, he revealed two major tricks up his sleeve that will help them o the best they can during the playoffs.



Patrick Mahomes reveals his war prep

The QB seems to be going methodically for the way he is prepping for the playoffs in his bye week. While speaking to the press, he revealed two tricks that will help him maintain a balance, give him the edge while playing.



Patrick Mahomes Reveals Two Tricks To Ace The Playoff Battle



While sitting on the first seed, the Chiefs will either play against the 4th,5th, 6th or 7th seed. Mahomes mentioned he will watch some of their games to keep an eye on his potential opponents. Furthermore, Mahomes talked about his dichotomous strategy and said, “You make sure you stay working out, stay moving around and [don’t] just sit on the couch all week, [but] when we get ready to go next week, I just try to be prepared and ready to roll.”

It seems the quarterback is ready to relax, keep himself healthy, and watch as his opponents make moves. While the idea of resting right before the playoffs seems counterproductive, the quarterback has certainly earned it. The quarterback’s cunning strategies have proven to be very beneficial for the QB.

A much-deserved rest after chalking out a war plan

After a hard-fought season, the Chiefs and Mahomes deserve this. After only conceding three games the whole season, Mahomes ended his season with a brilliant record of 14-3.

The quarterback had planned hard for achieving this record and had explained his strategy for the games during the regular season as well.

Patrick Mahomes Reveals Two Tricks To Ace The Playoff Battle

It seems like the QB’s greatest weapon might not just be his arm but might also be his mind. The Chiefs and Mahomes sit in an excellent position right now. They have the luxury of being one of the few teams to relax and rest up before a laborious postseason.

It only remains to be seen how well the Chiefs will fare in the postseason with time to scheme and plan for their opponents.


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