Patrick Mahomes Reflects on Getting Manhandled by Texans DT

Patrick Mahomes Reflects on Getting Manhandled by Texans DT

The Kansas City Chiefs have been a dominant side with Patrick Mahomes in the center. The QB has established himself as the face of the Chiefs franchise in just a few years.



The O-line does everything to protect their pivot from the defenders but sometimes, the biggest forts get breached.



Patrick Mahomes Reflects on Getting Manhandled by Texans DT



Mahomes faced a brutal sack during the Week 15 clash with the Houston Texans. Mahomes reflected on being manhandled during the game. And he doesn’t want to face the same defensive tackle again.

Patrick Mahomes reflects on the Texans’ sack

Patrick Mahomes reacted to the brutal sack faced at the hands of Texans DT Maliek Collins on Sunday. Speaking about the incident in the post-game press conference.



Mahomes said it was a surprising experience for him as he thought himself to be a heavy person. “Yeah, I haven’t seen it on tape or anything like that, so I don’t know what it looked like.



Patrick Mahomes Reflects on Getting Manhandled by Texans DT



What surprised me the most is that I feel like I’m a pretty heavy dude and I feel like he threw me pretty easily there. So, he is a strong guy, I think it was like 96,” Mahomes said, talking about Maliek. The Chiefs QB then joked that he would like to stay away from Maliek whenever he is in town.

“I’ll try to stay away from him the next time we play him,” Mahomes added. The incident happened in the second quarter of the Chiefs‘ clash with the Texans on Sunday Night Football in Week 15.

The Chiefs center Creed Humphrey snapped the ball to Mahomes on a second-and-four situation, but the QB failed to catch it.

As he was getting up after retrieving the ball from the ground, Collins rushed towards him and pulled him to the turf from behind. The sack looked brutal in slow motion and must have rattled Mahomes for a bit. But he got up, dusted himself and led his team to the divisional title.

Division clinched, again

Patrick Mahomes got up from the sack and galvanized his team for the remainder of the game. The Chiefs trailed the Texans almost the entire game but somehow sneaked their noses in front in the fourth quarter.

The Texans came back with a field goal and forced OT by making a stop to the Chiefs’ last drive outside the kicking range of the Chiefs’ placekicker Harrison Butker.

Patrick Mahomes Reflects on Getting Manhandled by Texans DT

Mahomes and the Chiefs went on to win the game after just a single drive in OT. And with it, the franchise claimed its seventh-straight AFC West divisional title. The Chiefs QB might have joked about the way he was sacked on that play in the second quarter, but his wife Brittany was less than impressed.

She asked if the QBs can be sacked in the way Mahomes was, saying, “the inconsistency is BS”. Collins did leave an impression on both of them after all.


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