Patrick Mahomes Pinpoints Seven-Day Strategy to Claim “First Goal” of the Season

Patrick Mahomes Pinpoints Seven-Day Strategy to Claim “First Goal” of the Season

The Kansas City Chiefs edged past the Houston Texans in Week 15 to clinch the AFC West title. Patrick Mahomes put up a much-improved performance than last week and proved instrumental in the success.



The QB later revealed his seven-day strategy to turn his performance around. And with the win, Mahomes and the Chiefs have also completed their first goal of the season.





The divisional title has confirmed the Chiefs’ place in the postseason. The franchise will now look to finish the regular season on a high and gain momentum for the playoffs.

The seven-day plan by Patrick Mahomes

After the win against the Texans, Patrick Mahomes spoke about his strategy to overcome a rusty performance against the Denver Broncos.



He said that he watched the tapes of the last game to pinpoint where he went wrong in Week 14 and corrected those mistakes.





“Yeah, I think I just went back to the fundamentals. When I watched the tapes from the week before, I thought I left easy throws out there. So today I tried to take those when they were there and keep third downs manageable,” Mahomes said during the press conference.

Mahomes did have a 350+ yards game against the Broncos. But he uncharacteristically threw three interceptions in the game as the Chiefs stumbled to a victory. The QB improved upon it in Week 15 and it helped the Chiefs achieve their first goal of the 2022 season.

Mission accomplished

Patrick Mahomes already laid out the Chiefs’ goals for the season. And on Sunday, the franchise achieved the first one from the set.

The Chiefs clinched their seventh straight AFC West divisional title and booked their place in the postseason. Mahomes talked about the divisional triumph during the post-game press conference after the Texans game.

Patrick Mahomes Pinpoints Seven-Day Strategy to Claim “First Goal” of the Season

“When we start every single season, the first thing we get told when we first walk in is let’s win the AFC West. That’s our first goal to come in and win the AFC West. We believe it’s always a tough division. And obviously the players they got in the off season, it was even tougher. We accomplished our first goal,” Mahomes said.

The phenomenal Mahomes showed his class during the clash with a career-high 20 straight completions. He threw 336 passing yards in a total of 36 pass completions. Mahomes also threw two touchdown passes and a rushing touchdown. With the postseason confirmed, the Chiefs will now focus on clinching the conference. Will Mahomes guide them to their second goal of the season?


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