Patrick Mahomes Health Concerns Arise After 3 INT Game Against Broncos

Patrick Mahomes Health Concerns Arise After 3 INT Game Against Broncos

Patrick Mahomes has been leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a phenomenal season. As one of the MVP front-runners, Mahomes has been very instrumental in the Chiefs’ dominant run.



His role in the orchestration of Andy Reid’s vision for the team is indisputable. With a solid offensive cast at his side, Mahomes and the Chiefs are looking like strong contenders for the Super Bowl title.





But, Chiefs Nation will not have a good night’s sleep after learning about the quarterback’s reported injury. The injury comes at a very crucial time in the regular season. Teams are a few weeks shy of heading into the postseason. Is Mahomes’ injury going to be a matter of grave concern?

Patrick Mahomes may have given the Chiefs Nation a brutal scare

The quarterback’s name showed up on the Chiefs’ practice report with an injury to the right hand. Mahomes was also on last week’s report with a foot injury.



That is one too many injuries for the Chiefs Nation to fret about. But, fans can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.



Patrick Mahomes Health Concerns Arise After 3 INT Game Against Broncos



Much to their relief, the QB was a full participant in the Chiefs’ Wednesday practice. The Chiefs’ injury report stated that Mahomes had an injury to his right hand. But from the looks of it, the quarterback was not impeded by the injury during practice.

Mahomes’ health is of great concern to fans. Losing their quarterback, especially when they’ve been on a great run this season, is a nightmare for the Chiefs Nation. They know how invaluable Mahomes is to their squad. With a shot at the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will hope for the least number of hindrances in the pursuit of their ultimate goal.

Mahomes is key in the Chiefs’ path forward

Patrick Mahomes has been dominant for the most part this season. A few errors and lapses in judgment here and there have not been the Chiefs’ biggest concern because, in the end, they manage to come out on top.

But this cannot be taken for granted. Their last game against the Broncos brought to light some areas where the Chiefs could use improvement.

Patrick Mahomes Health Concerns Arise After 3 INT Game Against Broncos

Mahomes threw three interceptions that the Broncos took advantage of to get on the scoreboard. At the same time, the QB himself does not shy away from accepting his faults and puts in the work to come back stronger. Mahomes may be the front-runner for the MVP title, but the tiniest errors could cost them a lot more in the postseason.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will be aiming for the top spot in the AFC. But other teams and QBs have similar goals. The remainder of the Chiefs’ season looks like a relatively smooth road. But they will have to iron out their performance as they prepare for the postseason. Chiefs Nation will fervently hope that Mahomes is hale and healthy for the rest of the year as they near the last leg of the regular season.


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