Patrick Mahomes Gives a Sneak Peek Into Chiefs Team Tactic

Patrick Mahomes Gives a Sneak Peek Into Chiefs Team Tactic

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs bounced back to winning ways against the Denver Broncos.



The difference in score did not paint a picture of the contrasting season the two teams have had over the past 13 weeks.





But it was a deserved win, nonetheless. After the game, Mahomes gave a sneak peek into the Chiefs’ plans to end the dream season on a high. The Chiefs have almost clinched the AFC West division and are surely playoff-bound. But Mahomes doesn’t want to rest on that.

Patrick Mahomes spills Chiefs’ goals for the season

Patrick Mahomes wants to lock the top spot in his division to give the Chiefs the home advantage during the playoffs.



After the win against the Broncos, the QB gave a sneak peek into the franchise’s plans for the remainder of the regular season and beyond.



Patrick Mahomes Gives a Sneak Peek Into Chiefs Team Tactic



“Our goal is just to continue to get better each and every week. We go in every season, and we say we wanna win the AFC West, we wanna get the home field in the playoffs and we wanna win the Super Bowl. Hopefully, we continue and we haven’t done it yet, we win the AFC West. That’s our first goal,” Mahomes said.

The Chiefs QB pointed out how special it is to win the division. He then laid out the plan for beyond the regular season. “Our next goal is to try to establish home-field advantage.”

“That’s going to take us playing great football week in and week out. And then we try to win the Super Bowl,” Mahomes added.

Patrick Mahomes Gives a Sneak Peek Into Chiefs Team Tactic

Winning the division is well within the reach of the Chiefs after they registered their 10th win of the season in the week 14 clash with the Broncos. But with the kind of season they are having, the franchise would want more.

A dream season

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are having a dream season and are a big contender to make it to the Super Bowl.

Barring a few hiccups here and there, the season has been a resounding success for the franchise from Kansas City. And Mahomes is the pivot of that success.

The QB is clocking amazing numbers to put his name forward for the MVP this season. He is the league leader in passing yardage with 4,160 yards. Mahomes has also thrown 33 passing touchdowns, the highest so far this season. And he has just 11 interceptions, three of which he threw against the Broncos on Sunday.

The Chiefs are at the top of the AFC West division with an overall record of 10-3. Can they go lift the Vince Lombardi trophy this season?


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