Patrick Mahomes clarifies one thing people were thinking

Patrick Mahomes clarifies one thing people were thinking

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes cleared one thing up on Sunday that I think most of us were wondering while watching their win over the Rams.



You look at his stat sheet afterward, and it may look like Mahomes played an average game. However, he played pretty well. The offense as a whole played pretty average, to say the least.





Yeah, he had a few mistakes, or mistakes, that were pretty costly. But he had to clear one thing up, that most were wondering. “No, it wasn’t a no‐look,” Mahomes said of his end zone interception he threw against the Rams. And that right there is what everyone was wondering, for a few reasons.

First of all, he makes throws like that all the time, but this interception may have been one of his worst, as he threw it directly to the defender.



So, one could only assume since it was so bad that Mahomes wasn’t even looking because it was so uncharacteristic of him.



Patrick Mahomes clarifies one thing people were thinking



Secondly, the camera angle that the broadcast was in made it look like he wasn’t really looking where he was throwing it. So what really happened? “I was going to throw it to Trav(is) (Kelce) and then at the last second, I didn’t think I could get it in.

It was one of those like I tried to pull it down a little bit and I threw it directly into the dude’s (Rams DB Nick Scott) stomach so (I) just got to make sure that I don’t do that, especially in the red zone because those are ones that kill you in big games.

“So obviously you like to win but we’ve got a lot to get better at offensively, especially starting with me,” Mahomes explained, trying to clear one thing up.

Mahomes was trying to make sure that people know he doesn’t throw no looks just to be fancy, or to do it because he can.

Patrick Mahomes clarifies one thing people were thinking

A lot of times, he throws it because he needs to manipulate the defense. This was just a costly error that every quarterback makes. I guarantee you we don’t see him make a similar mistake though.


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