NFL Veteran Brands Joe Burrow A Better QB Than Patrick Mahomes

Joe Burrow on What Makes the Browns Defense Different

Patrick Mahomes has continued his good run throughout the year. The Chiefs’ QB has been on top form and has been consistent with it as Kansas progress into the postseason as a top contention team for the Lombardi trophy.



With his form, Mahomes has been turning quite the heads. However, he finds himself getting snubbed out here.





Former NFL player Adam Jones gave his review on the quarterback as he snubbed Mahomes. This was the second time in a week that a former player has rated other quarterbacks from the league above Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes gets snubbed by former Bengals player

Adam Jones got on air with Solomon Wilcots as he discussed the quarterbacks before the Bengals and Chiefs game. Jones was unfiltered as he spoke his mind in their conversation.



Bleav shared his video on Twitter, which was a part of their full episode. Pacman Jones, a former Bengal, picked his favorite in Joe Burrow between the two top quarterbacks.



NFL Veteran Brands Joe Burrow A Better QB Than Patrick Mahomes



Jones was candid as he said, “I don’t think Patrick Mahomes is a better QB than Joe Burrow… No… No way. The two are similar.” Jones continued his comparison between the two as he went on to say, “But for his coverage, recognizing the defense, I don’t think Patrick Mahomes really knows how to read the defense. I think he have a great cast of coaches around him, which is Andy Reed, probably the number one offensive coordinator to me.”

Joe Burrow takes the cake

While he did recognize the brilliance of Mahomes, he said for the situation Burrow was in, he was the better QB.

“But the stuff that Joe Burrow have done for the Bengals… getting hit a million times coming back playing, dropping his nuts, still going making these throw.”

“Never been, Never Break… Class Eater.” He wasn’t shy about picking his top candidate among the two.” He even went on to speak about the men behind these two quarterbacks and their dominance as offensive coordinators. Though Joe Burrow was a clear winner for Pacman, there’s no doubt about the Bengals bias in his decision-making.

However, Burrow stuck to Pacman’s belief in him and showed his masterclass. The Bengals came out on top when the two matched up in Cincinnati. The QB from LSU had the better showing in their game and that was key to the outcome of the game.


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