Major NFL Analyst Likens Joe Burrow To An Assassin

Major NFL Analyst Likens Joe Burrow To An Assassin

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow dropped an absolute dime into Trenton Irwin’s hands for his second TD pass this past weekend and NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger took notice.



Burrow struck Irwin on a 23-yard TD throw out of the slot, one of a few strikes that helped him lead all quarterbacks in PFF grade last week.





“It’s just worth noting here as the umpire gets out of the way from Joe Burrow, that Trenton Irwin in the slot, has just taken over for Tyler Boyd. He just got hurt. So now Irwin is in the game. And Joe Burrow’s gonna make this throw. And he’s just an assassin.

The ball is just floated perfectly over the top and into the endzone, and the celebration is on. [Ja’Marr] Chase, Tee Higgins they’re all coming to celebrate, but they should.



I mean, Burrow couldn’t wait in these frigid temperatures here to get that umpire out of the way, they wanted to go uptempo, to get the Patriots a little bit off guard.”



Major NFL Analyst Likens Joe Burrow To An Assassin



The Bengals offense shredded New England in the first half, and this play was a big factor in that offensive output. Things went haywire in the second half, but Cincinnati found a way to win as all great NFL teams do. Saturday marked Burrow’s seventh game this season posting a 70-plus QBR.

He now ranks second leaguewide in passing yards (4,260) and TDs (34). One more passing TD from Burrow would break his franchise-record set last season.


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