Jordan Love Named to Resurrect Green Bay From the Ashes

Jordan Love Named to Resurrect Green Bay From the Ashes

The Packers are technically out of playoff contention with minimal chances to secure a berth. Now it’s time for the management to test their depth chart, especially the quarterback position, which looks shaky at this point.



Third-year passer Jordan Love is next on the line to replace A-Rod and has started attracting praise from his counterparts.





Despite having Rodgers as the frontman to start the games, this campaign has proved to be a frustrating one. The Packers are now 4-8, with Rodgers exhibiting a career-low performance. Although Love was disappointed during his preseason stint, netizens were surprised watching the 24-year-old making some splendid plays against the Philadelphia Eagles.

After an injured Rodgers left the field in the fourth quarter, Love covered. He completed six of his nine passes and connected for a surreal 63-yard touchdown to Christian Watson.



He passed for 113 yards and dragged the game much closer toward the final minutes. Unfortunately, the Packers suffered a 40-33 defeat in this high-scoring thriller.





Despite losing the game, fans were happy to have witnessed a future prospect making crazy plays on the field. Even his opponent and Eagles CB Darius Slay praised the quarterback for his passing abilities. “As a defense, when A-Rod goes out, we feel great,” Slay said on Monday during the recent episode of his Big Play Slay podcast.

“That’s one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, so if he goes out, we got to go out here and really get active.”

“The D-line gets a little hungrier because they know with a young buck coming in, they can get after the quarterback.

Green Bay got a bright, bright future, like a bright one because a buddy was slinging it. I ain’t going to lie, he low-key looked like A-Rod, like he’s been learning a lot,” he added to his explanation.


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