Joe Burrow Publicly Spills the Secret Sauce Of Beating Patrick Mahomes Every Time

Major NFL Analyst Likens Joe Burrow To An Assassin

As the NFL brings in fresh talent year after year, the competition in the league keeps getting tougher. The increasing competition also gives room for new rivalries to come along.





Fortunately, these are rivalries just based on talent, which makes the game even more interesting. In the most recent class of rivalries, QBs Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes take center stage, as the two are on their way to becoming future NFL legends.



The two have had a healthy rivalry so far. Tipped as the top young quarterbacks in the NFL, Burrow, and Mahomes have made this competition between them very healthy. As the two matched up recently, Burrow ensured he remains spotless against the Kansas quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes’ bogey QB

In a recent interview on the Manning Cast, the Cincinnati Bengals’ QB, Joe Burrow made an appearance. As the quarterback trio discussed the game, they discussed Burrow’s supremacy.



With the 27-24 win, Burrow moved to 3-0 against Mahomes. As he matched Tom Brady’s record of beating the dynamic QB, he also set his own record. He became the first QB to beat Mahomes in 3 straight matchups.



Joe Burrow Publicly Spills the Secret Sauce Of Beating Patrick Mahomes Every Time



Though the two don’t have much of an age gap between them, Mahomes has been around the NFL for much longer. The Super Bowl winner rose to the scene early on in his career and has been a dominant force ever since. However, Burrow has managed to always get the better of him, every time he has taken the field against Mahomes.

Joe Burrow spills the beans

As the Manning brothers discussed the secret recipe behind Burrow’s success against Mahomes, the entire NFL community would patiently wait to hear his take on this.

They would want to take notes as Burrow spilled the beans. However, Burrow was very respectful of his fellow rival, as he kept his answer very concise.

Joe Burrow Publicly Spills the Secret Sauce Of Beating Patrick Mahomes Every Time

He said, “Score more points than him”, for his response to his secret. Burrow was very respectful of his counterpart, and didn’t show any signs of being cocky. While Cool Joe has had the last laugh on all occasions so far, this rivalry has just started.

The young-gun quarterbacks are in their 20s and have years of NFL football ahead of them. Patrick Mahomes will be itching to get his first dub against the Bengals’ QB. As the postseason is around the corner, there are high chances the Chiefs could match up with the Bengals as both the QBs look to continue their 2022 ring chase.


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