Joe Burrow Made An Important Gesture Monday Night

Joe Burrow Made An Important Gesture Monday Night

The character of an individual is often magnified in the biggest moments. When the world was watching for any sort of decision to be made regarding Monday night’s game, Joe Burrow stepped up in a big way.



After Damar Hamlin was taken by ambulance off of the field following his injury, players from the Bengals and Buffalo Bills went to their respective locker rooms.





It could have been easy for players like Burrow to just stand by, waiting for a decision from the league’s offices on the status of their game that meant so much concerning playoff positioning. However, Burrow and the other Bengals captains took the high road and acted with genuine human compassion.

They went to the Bills’ locker room to check in on their team. At the end of the day, NFL players have a lot in common.



Sure, they may act negatively toward each other on the field at times, especially in the heat of the moment in a competitive setting.



Joe Burrow Made An Important Gesture Monday Night



Ultimately, they are all human individuals, each with a life outside of football. With Hamlin’s injury during last night’s game, the players were reminded of this, that they are risking their lives every time that they step on the football field.

The gridiron is a dangerous place, and so many of us use it as a way to make money, play fantasy football, or simply entertain ourselves. For these players, it’s more than a game. The actions of Burrow and his co-captains certainly proved that last night.


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