How Joe Burrow showed his elite confidence again this week

How Joe Burrow showed his elite confidence again this week

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is one of the most confident players in the NFL. He might even be the most confident, but there’s of course no way to know that for sure.



We got another subtle example of Burrow’s confidence on Wednesday when he answered a question about being named the AFC offensive player of the week.





Burrow essentially shrugged and said “it is what it is” when asked about the award. There’s a bit of humility there and a whole lot of confidence. Burrow isn’t arrogant, but he trusts his abilities. He knows he’s good. And he doesn’t need an award to confirm that.

At the same time, Burrow is humble in the sense that he deflects praise away from himself and toward his teammates — which is also why he’s such a great leader.



Burrow has basically every trait you could want in a superstar quarterback — intelligence, confidence, elite leader, great teammate, and he’s an affable guy.





Of all that combined with his physical abilities is why he’s forced himself into the NFL MVP conversation. By the way, this is the second time this season that Burrow has won the AFC offensive player of the week award and the fourth time in his young career that he’s won the award.


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