Heartbroken Aaron Rodgers Spills Future Plans After Crushing Lions Defeat

Aaron Rodgers reportedly meeting with Packers this week about future

The Green Bay Packers fell short by 4 points in their incredible comeback playoff run this season. Aaron Rodgers and Co. ended their season with a 20-16 loss at home to divisional rivals, Detroit Lions.



And after coming so close, some think 39-year-old Aaron probably doesn’t have it in him to carry on at Wisconsin. And Rodgers doesn’t disagree entirely with the notion.



Heartbroken Aaron Rodgers Spills Future Plans After Crushing Lions Defeat



The reigning consecutive league MVP faced a myriad of questions surrounding his retirement and next year’s future after the loss. During the post-match conference after the loss on Sunday, Aaron tried to answer it best based on the circumstances. And it’s clear that all hopes are not lost for Rodgers based on the table turn this season.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t mind handing the keys over to the next leader

For the 2011 Super Bowl champion, the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl is the key mission. With or without his own presence. And after this abrupt end to the season, Aaron wants to reflect for a while on the future ahead.





“I understand where we are as a team. We’re a young team. There could be some change to the older guys. It could be time to step away. But I could take some time and say h–l no need to get out there and go on another run. I need to get away and contemplate those things,” Aaron Rodgers said in the presser after the loss to the Lions.



Whether it’s him trying to stage a comeback at 40, or a fresh voice leading the Packers next season, Rodgers will have to make peace with either outcome. And fans of the football world cannot wait for A-Rod to make a call.

A-Rod’s post-game action says a lot about his intentions next year

Aaron Rodgers threw one touchdown over his 205 passing yards on Sunday night’s losing effort. However, it was his interception in his final throw of the game that proved costlier than the TD.

Kerby Joseph could have picked up the last throw A-Rod ever throws for the Cheeseheads. After the game, Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams asked Aaron Rodgers for his game jersey, and the 4x NFL MVP refused.

This could be because of future motivation he plans to draw from the shirt or a last game before retirement memento to save. The Packers signal-caller said that it was just a special shirt and that he’ll send a different one over to Jameson.

Ultimately, the five-game losing streak in the early part of the season proved to be too hard to recover from. Allen Lazard caught Rodgers’ only touchdown throw in the game, with the rest of the points coming from field goals. The Detroit Lions also couldn’t make the playoffs despite the win, giving way to the Seattle Seahawks to occupy the 7th seed in the NFC playoff picture this year.


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