Chiefs expose 49ers for what they really are

Chiefs expose 49ers for what they really are

The Kansas City Chiefs just exposed the San Francisco 49ers for what they really are. Yep, I just said that. If you don’t really know what I’m talking about, I’m going to break it down.



First, though, let’s take it back a bit. The 49ers and Chiefs go back to 2019 when they faced each other in Super Bowl 54. They were very similar to what they are now.



Chiefs expose 49ers for what they really are



A Chiefs team with an elite offense and an okay defense, and a 49ers team with an elite defense and an okay offense. It’s basically the same this year, only the Chiefs’ defense has played much better than it did that year.

On Sunday, just like in 2019, the Chiefs exposed the 49ers. I mean, the national look on the 49ers is that they are an elite defense. But, I think Sunday would say otherwise.

Chiefs’ offense trounced the 49ers “elite” defense

Yes, the 49ers’ defense is good, but let’s hold off on the elite tag that keeps getting thrown on that.



I think the San Francisco 49ers had elite defensive numbers because they were playing teams who didn’t have very good offenses. Let’s break it down.



Chiefs expose 49ers for what they really are



In Week 1, they played the Chicago Bears and actually lost. They gave up 19 points to a team we all know has no real good offense. In week 2 they played the Seattle Seahawks who are led by Geno Smith. In week 3 they played the Denver Broncos who, we have watched implode from afar.

Then in Week 4, they played the Rams, who have looked like one of the worst teams in the league so far. Two weeks ago it was the Carolina Panthers, and last week it was the Atlanta Falcons.

Their opponent’s combined record to this point is 16-24 if that tells you anything. For once, they finally played an elite offense, and look what happened.

Chiefs expose 49ers for what they really are

They got exposed. I do believe that the 49ers have a good defense. However, I feel like this game showed that the term elite is a stretch. Or, and this is very possible, the Chiefs’ defense is just that good. Either way, the 49ers were exposed on Sunday.


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