Bucs HC Answers Million Dollar Mystery on Tom Brady

Bucs HC Answers Million Dollar Mystery on Tom Brady

Tom Brady is now 45 years old. While the GOAT is still among the better QBs in the league, there is still a lingering question about his retirement plan.



The player formerly spent 40 days in exile after declaring that he would be hanging his cleats earlier this year. Nonetheless, Brady chose to come back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 23rd season in the NFL.



Bucs HC Answers Million Dollar Mystery on Tom Brady



But with every passing day, the inevitable day approaches. Whether it comes after this season or the next is the question. So how much of a worry is it for the Pewter Pirates?

HC speaks about the retirement talks surrounding Tom Brady

With Monday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys right around the corner, Todd Bowles has made it clear that the team is only focused on one job.



Talking about the uncertainty over Brady’s future with the Bucs, the HC said, “I didn’t think about that in 2020, I didn’t think about that in 2021 and I’m not thinking about that this year, I’m trying to stay focused.”





“We’re trying to stay focused and make the main thing the main thing. Right now, we have a really good football team that we’ve got to play Monday night that we’ve got to get ready for.” Bowles continued. The Buccaneers had quite a shake-up this season.

After losing a few key players in the offensive line and the defensive line. They also had a change in staff as Bruce Arians stepped down from the HC role and took a position in the front office.

Bucs HC Answers Million Dollar Mystery on Tom Brady

To replace him, the Bucs chose the former defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles. The team has struggled this season, owing to many factors like injuries, offensive shortcomings, and a weak O-line. However, after going 8-9 this season, the team still sits on top of the NFC South.

Will TB12 test the free agency?

Right now, there is no guarantee that the 7-time Super Bowl Champion comes back for another season. But the consensus around the league indicates that the fans can witness another season with Brady.

On the other hand, there is also a growing feeling that his destination might change from Tampa Bay, Florida. There might be a lot of interest in the player coming from the Las Vegas Raiders after their fallout with Derek Carr.

Bucs HC Answers Million Dollar Mystery on Tom Brady

A lot will also depend on Aaron Rodgers and whether he decides to change jerseys for the time in his career. The back-to-back MVP could bounce from the Green Bay Packers, which would spell a few windows get smaller for the 45-year-old.

Currently, there are chances that even Brady is not worried about next season. The postseason is now beginning and the QB will look to put his best foot forward.


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