Bengals QB Off To Historic Start In Career

Bengals QB Off To Historic Start In Career

As Joe Burrow enters his third season in the NFL, he’s making history with the Cincinnati Bengals. So what is Burrow doing in Cincinnati that’s giving him a historic start to his young career?

Burrow Sets A Record For Completion Percentage Over First 33 Starts

When compiling Burrow’s completion percentage over his first 33 starts, fans can find he’s set a record.



His 68.3% completion rate over his first 33 starts puts him in NFL history as the best during that timeframe. However, the news for him during this season bodes well for his career.





During this season, Burrow has a 68.9% completion rate, ranking him third among starting QBs this season. Only Matthew Stafford and Geno Smith rank higher than him with their completion percentage.

With Burrow making NFL history this season, can anyone stop him?

Getting Better With Each Start

While the start of the 2022 season wasn’t great for Burrow, he’s making improvements. With each game, he’s getting better.



When the season began, he had two games where defenses were all over him during the game. After two games, defenses got to Burrow 13 times.



Bengals QB Off To Historic Start In Career



However, some of those sacks were his fault. But since then, Burrow is making better decisions and his line is protecting him. In the five following games, defenses have only gotten to Burrow 11 times. With him making better decisions, he can continue to make NFL history, and not from becoming the most sacked QB in NFL history.


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