Bengals Had Big Return At Practice On Thursday

Bengals Had Big Return At Practice On Thursday

Fresh off their first Super Bowl appearance since the 1980s, the Cincinnati Bengals hope that another drought of playoff defeats doesn’t ensue as they take on the Baltimore Ravens this weekend.



To that end, they’re getting a big boost on offense. Bengals insider Jay Morrison of The Athletic noted on Thursday that star wide receiver Tee Higgins was present at the team’s indoor practice session today.





Higgins has been battling an illness this week and missed Wednesday’s practice. Higgins is the Bengals’ No. 2 receiver and had over 1,000 receiving yards for the second year in a row. He finished behind Ja’Marr Chase by only 17 yards, though Chase averaged significantly more yards per game.

With Higgins healthy, the Bengals should have their entire receiving corps healthy for their upcoming playoff game against the ailing Baltimore Ravens. They’re already favorites by nearly double digits.



Last year Tee Higgins played a big role in the Bengals’ playoff success. He had 18 receptions for 309 yards and two touchdowns in their four playoff games, with both touchdowns coming against the Rams in Super Bowl LVI.



Bengals Had Big Return At Practice On Thursday



Opposing defenses will likely be devoting extra resources to guarding Ja’Marr Chase, so opportunities will be coming Higgins’ way. Will Higgins be able to perform as well in these playoffs as last year’s? Can he top his play in the postseason and lift the Bengals to another AFC title?


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