Andy Reid is showing why he’s a players’ coach

Andy Reid is showing why he’s a players’ coach

The Kansas City Chiefs may have won their worst game of the season if that makes sense. Of all the games they have won, this may have been the worst they played.



I mean let’s just start by saying they started up 27-0. At that moment I’m sure everyone thought the game was over with, I mean, hey, let’s pack it up and go home, right?





Wrong. Give credit to the Denver Broncos, who battled all day long. Once they figured out what it was that would work for them in the game, they rode that. Denver ended up scoring 21 straight points, then scored again after the Chiefs scored.

That may not seem like a big deal, but the Broncos average the least amount of points per game, which I believe before the game was just around 11.



There is one reason the Broncos were able to get back in the game, though, and it’s not something we are used to seeing from this team.



Andy Reid is showing why he’s a players’ coach



“It was just the turnovers mainly,” Andy Reid said. “That got us and they battled back through.” Those turnovers were coming from the man himself, Patrick Mahomes. We don’t see them often, but we did on Sunday as he threw three interceptions. I don’t know the last time we saw him throw three interceptions in one game was either.

But Reid trusts him. He doesn’t care about the play that already happened, it’s just on to the next one.

“He told me to keep throwing it, to keep slinging it,” Mahomes said. “He did not want me to lose who I am. I promise you, I know I am messing up. When I go to the sidelines, I am hot.

Andy Reid is showing why he’s a players’ coach

“Those coaches come to me and they know I understand but they still let me know what I can get better at. I just cannot put our team in that situation. Luckily, we got the win. You do not win a lot of games when you have three interceptions.”

We saw stretches last season where Mahomes turned the ball over at a rate higher than we are used to seeing. I don’t think this will be something like that. Mahomes has not had a bad game yet this year, in my opinion.

Now he got one out of the way. I still don’t think he had a bad game. Yes, he turned the ball over three times and they led to turnovers. However, there were some things he did in that game that only MVP-caliber players can do.


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