Aaron Rodgers Clears the Air on His Availability Next Season

Aaron Rodgers Clears the Air on His Availability Next Season

In his illustrious career of 15 seasons as a starter, Aaron Rodgers had a terrible campaign this year.



He recorded career-low passing and rushing yards, and above all, his inaccurate passes spiced up the discussions to oust the passer from his current position.





Well, Rodgers has no intentions to budge back. In fact, he vowed to return and play for the same side next season. After Week 12, the Packers’ playoff possibility became almost clear. The franchise holds a season record of 4-8, certainly diminishing its hopes of moving ahead.

While speaking to the reporters, Rodgers was asked if he would make a comeback and play again next season. “Correct” Rodgers said without a second thought.



Obviously, not the way how a player like Aaron Rodgers would bid goodbye to the gridiron following a depressing year.



Aaron Rodgers Clears the Air on His Availability Next Season



Several reasons took a toll on his performance. In the beginning, he lacked efficient prospects and entered a young squad. While the habit of making great plays was reinstated, frequent injuries added more worries to his offensive unit.

Similarly, Rodgers’ thumb injury after Week 5 against the New York Giants made the fans believe it was a prime reason behind the quarterback’s interceptions.

Indeed, Rodgers had been inaccurate throughout the season. Although he led some great plays, the bar he has set in his career suppresses mediocre comparisons.

Aaron Rodgers Clears the Air on His Availability Next Season

“I’m not going to make excuses about my thumb, it’s been the same since New York. I don’t know. I gotta go back and look at it.” Rodgers mentioned it a few weeks ago. Regardless, it’s high time to make such changes at this point.

Aaron Rodgers vows to retire with the Packers only

Only a few quarterbacks in the NFL were able to make a longing career with the same franchise. The trust and the faith Green Bay showed towards A-Rod helped him change the entire landscape of the franchise.

Despite having just a single Super Bowl title, Rodgers is always kept on high standards because of his ability as an individual to change the course of the game.

However, time waits for no one, and Rodgers feels the same, calling football and the aftermath a difficult path to take. However, he clarified that his departure shall only happen with the Packers. “The football is the easy part. That’s the joy.”

“It’s the other stuff that wears on you and makes you think about life after football.” Rodgers said in a past interview. With one more season in the bank, it will be exciting to see how A-Rod revamps the squad.


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