Aaron Rodgers Calls Out ‘Dumbest’ Article Of The Year

Aaron Rodgers compares his Packers team to Super Bowl winner

In recent years, Aaron Rodgers has certainly not been afraid to push back against media coverage.



During his appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” this week, Rodgers took aim at a recent article from The Athletic, which covered the reported inner workings of the Packers’ offensive hand signals.





“Aaron Rodgers expects his offense to know somewhere around 30 hand signals,” Kalyn Kahler said. “Every Sat players are tested on them, but the tricky part is the signals aren’t officially taught, there’s no real record of them, & Rodgers often revives signal from yrs before.”

Clearly, Rodgers thought the feature was much ado about nothing, and he made his feelings known today.



“It is by far the dumbest, nothing burger article that I’ve read in the entire season,” Rodgers told McAfee and A.J. Hawk. “Ninety-five percent of the article is complete horses–t.”





The other five percent of the article, Rodgers said, is “exaggerated nothingness.” “The way we do it now, is Jordan [Love] makes up a list of the signals that we’re going to have that week that are possible. I used to do this when I was the backup as well,” Rodgers said.

“He calls like three or four guys up there to go through them. It might be nerve-wracking the first time you do it, but every signal that is used in the game is probably used in practice that week.”

Aaron Rodgers Calls Out 'Dumbest' Article Of The Year

Rodgers added that he thinks the team has missed “maybe one or two” signals the entire year. “It’s not hard at all. The fact that this is made to be a story, it’s the most ridiculous nothing story that I’ve read the entire year,” Rodgers said. Update: Kahler, the author of the piece, has responded to Rodgers’ remarks on Twitter.

“@PatMcAfeeShow all I have to say is all the sources were on the record. You could, you know, read it to find that out,” she wrote.


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