45-Year-Old Tom Brady Drops Concerning Health Revelation

45-Year-Old Tom Brady Drops Concerning Health Revelation

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is not having the best season of his career. Fans anticipated seeing a fired-up Brady when he returned from retirement.



That, however, did not go well. In addition, his unexpected divorce dominated the news for months. T12 is currently having health concerns as a result of suffering five losses and losing his wife.





Recently, the Pewter Pirates lost against the Cleveland Browns (4-7). Even though the Bucs came from a bye week and had won back-to-back games, they could not rise against the Browns in a 23-17 overtime loss. It was even more disappointing because Tampa Bay lost against the team that had the worst record in the NFL this season.



Obviously, these losses affected Tom Brady. Therefore, he expressed his disappointment at losing so many games. However, previously, the star QB also confessed that losses were also taking a toll on his body.

Sleepless nights and painful games for TB12

His fruitless season and the decision to unretire from football played an important role in his very public divorce from his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.



Thus, could it be that the pressure from his personal and professional life has made him lose his sleep? “I have not slept great as you can only imagine,” Brady revealed.



45-Year-Old Tom Brady Drops Concerning Health Revelation

“It is your fault when you lose, and you take it personally when you lose. And you shouldn’t sleep at night when you lose. You should only think about what you need to do to help the team more, and that’s what I lay in bed at night after games thinking about.”

He also hinted at the problems players face on and off the field. After that confession came a staggering admission from QB1.

Tom Brady made a startling admission regarding Tampa Bay’s subpar form

Undoubtedly, many will agree that the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is one of the best the league has ever seen. Brady has also been the greatest of all time by fans and sports analysts.

However, the 15x Pro Bowler does not feel as good as she should all the time. After the overtime win, it looked like Tampa Tom lost faith in himself.

45-Year-Old Tom Brady Drops Concerning Health Revelation

It was the first time ever that he lost a game where he led by seven points or more while heading into the last two minutes of regulation time. In the post-game conference, Tom Brady held himself accountable for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ unsatisfactory performance.

He said, “There are times when I go in and think I’m the worst quarterback who has ever played.” But he also said that the self-doubt remains for a little while. If he wins more games, he may also sleep like a baby. It is believed that the elite QB may retire after this season. But Brady wouldn’t want to end his career on such a low note.


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